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Developmental disability that strikes one family in ten or about three percent of our population.

People with developmental disabilities function with below average intelligence and are limited in at least two fundamental life skill areas. These limitations include communication, self-care, home living, social skills, community use, self-direction, health and safety, leisure, work and academics.

There are more than 200 known causes for developmental disability. These causes include environmental factors during pregnancy, genetics, or a combination of genetic and environmental factors. However, in seventy-five percent of all cases, the cause for this life-changing condition is not known. Fortunately, the vast majority of all people with developmental disabilities are only mildly delayed. With proper training, education and support, they may lead productive and happy lives.

Blessed by God, the Key Training Center is “a place where miracles happen every day.” From humble beginnings in 1966, the Key Training Center today provides a comprehensive scope of services to people with developmental disabilities. Theses services include daily living and social skills, job training, life-sustaining care and residential services. Key Training Center program clients lead richer and more dignified lives as they fulfill their potential as human beings.

Our success is possible because the Key Center benefits from an involved, faithful and committed governing board of directors and a caring community that embraces our program participants as full citizen partners. A dedicated, trained and skilled staff serves clients with kindness, love, dignity and respect – now a Key Training Center cornerstone.

By focusing on normal patterns, rhythms and routines, clients develop personally, socially and vocationally with programs tailored to individual needs. With a balanced blend of proper training, experience and opportunities, Key Center clients live meaningful lives.

The Key Center not only provides supervised residential services to many men and women, but also promotes the integration of clients into the social fabric of the local community. Clients enjoy life as they live in group homes and apartments. Some Key Center clients own their homes.

At the not-for-profit Key Training Center, emphasis is placed on ability, not disability. Clients blossom in a caring environment. They are accepted for their unique, positive and valued qualities. The open and friendly atmosphere of the Key Training Center contrasts sharply with the harsh, sterile and impersonal environment of traditional institutions where many clients once lived.

Knowing one developmentally disabled person as a friend provides tremendous insight into the concerns, hopes and desires of these trusting people with such unassuming characters. When we accept our developmentally disabled friends for who they are, we begin to understand they are more like us than we ever knew. With hands of compassion, we touch their lives when we accept them, love them and provide them with opportunities for normal living as they are able.


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Dale Coburn
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Ruth L. Levins
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